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Spectral SD200C

PT. Atlantic Ocean Paint Spectral SD200C

Spectral SD200C  Clear coat is a series of super durable powder coating developed to fulfil AAMA 2605-05 requirement when applied over standard durable powder coating (base coat). This dual layer system created is an alternative to PVDF or liquid acrylic system. The main benefit of our dual layer system are competitive cost and color selection freedom compared with single hyper durable powder coating. The dual layer system shows superior gloss and color retention when sprayed on top standard durable powder coatings.

  • Main Feature Products
  • Colour : Clear Transparant
  • Particle Size : Suitable for electrotatic spray
  • Specific Gravity : 1.50 ± 0.20 g/cm3
  • Storage : Drycool conditions below 25° C
  • Packing : 15 Kg, 20 Kg
  • Sales Code : SD200C

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