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Neptune Vernis Acrylic

PT. Atlantic Ocean Paint Neptune Vernis Acrylic

Neptune Vernis Acrylic is a ready-to-use natural stone coating and protector (without thinner), able to provide maximum natural stone protection from the effects of weather, the growth of mosses and fungi and gives the impression of natural, artistic and beautiful.


1. High penetration power
2. Resistant to UV rays
3. Weatherproof
4. Refuse water
5. Anti Moss and Mushroom
6. Ready to use (without thinner)

  • Main Feature Products
  • Type : Acrylic
  • Color : Gloss and Semi doff
  • Spreading Rate : 5 – 8 m²/liter, depends of substrat
  • Solid Contain (Vol. %) : ± 31.5
  • Specific Gravity : 0.9
  • Drying Time : ± 2 hours
  • Method of Application : Brush, spray, or roll
  • Packing : 1 Liter

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