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What is Your Favorite color?

PT. Atlantic Ocean Paint What is Your Favorite color?

We definitely have favorite color of each. Favorite colors are often influenced by current trends, culture or our surroundings. But they are also those of us who are consistent with the preferred colors.
Based on the survey results hotdesign.com, about favorite color that continues to run until now, more than 3000 respondents from 120 countries, the results obtained as much as 26.5% prefer blue colors, 20% love green colors, 13% love red colors.
PT. Atlantic Ocean Paint has many colors that we can choose according to the favorite color we wants.
The choices of blue, green and red colors are presented as follows:

JAVA Exterior Blue Wall Paint
  063 Crayon Blue
  104 Miranda
  072 Cadet Blue
  074 Breeze
  030 China Blue


JAVA Exterior Green Wall Paint
  069 New Hunter
  128 Marina
  043 Oasis Green
  099 Pipi
  064 Fruity Green


JAVA Exterior Red Wall Paint
  062 Candled Cherry
  126 Bologna
  123 Portofino
  053 Plantation Clay
  037 Rosey Cheeks


JAVA Super Interior Blue Wall Paint
  21 Memphis Belle
  20 Fallen Angel
  22 Mestizo
  23 Swedish Girl
  19 Losing Gravity


JAVA Super Interior Green Wall Paint
  28 Noctural Jade
  27 Baywater
  25 Dreamin
  24 Green Tafeta
  26 Speechless


JAVA Super Interior Red Wall Paint
  10 Spartaan Rouge
  12 Circuit Pink
  13 Promiscuous
  09 Sureal
  11 Tea Rose


Altex Naturetone Blue Wall Paint
  467 Galaxy Blue
  468 Deep Ocean
  476 Magic Blue
  489 Artic Blue
  470 Tiara


Altex Naturetone Green Wall Paint
  480 Spring Green
  479 Tropicana
  477 Paradise Green
  415 Scenery Green
  472 Apple Green


Altex Naturetone Red Wall Paint 
  425 Fiesta Rose
  410 Wedding Rose
  413 Pinkster Flower
  412 Madame Pink
  474 Sweet Pink


Disagree with the survey result? Please be patient, we still have many other colors. In each product on our website there is a color catalog that you can choose before you make a purchase our products.

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