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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where can I find the nearest distributor from my place?

You can find it on the page with a selection of provincial distributors first. To contact the office that is desired, please click the "Contact Us" menu.

What is produced by the PT. Atlantic Ocean Paint?

We produce of paints to the needs of the exterior and interior wall paint, metallic paint and wood objects, tile paint, vernis, flinkote, paint thinner and others you may know in the "Products" menu.

Is the result of the "Virtual Painter" can be stored or printed?

Yes, after staining, you can press the "Save" button at the bottom of the Virtual Painter. Please wait a few moments later download menu will appear, in general, the browser will have the option "Save file" or "Open". If you want to save, please press the "Save file", if you want to be directly printed, press the "Open", so the new tab will appear that contains the image. Then you can print via the "Print" on your browser.

What is flinkote?

Flinkote is specially formulated paint that serves as a sealer, which can be used to prevent or overcome the leakage.

How do I find out how much paint will I need?

On the data paints a detailed description of our condition that the scatter, in cubic meters per liter or per kilogram, you can calculate by multiplying that value by the wide field to be painted. Our paints are packaged in kilogram or liter. Multiplication result is divided by the volume per package according to your choice.