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About Us

Atlantic Ocean Paint (AOP) is a paint and coatings manufacturer based in Surabaya, Indonesia. In 1956 when AOP was first established by the proud owner Budiono Amijo, AOP produced a small range of quality paints. Now, a legacy to his family, the company has expanded and progressed through four generations, that small portion of land located at Jalan Petemon Kali in Surabaya, has since grown into a leading factory, and is solidly built on a foundation of 20 hectares located at Jalan Raya Kepatihan No. 6, Desa Ngasinan, Gresik, Jatim, Indonesia.

AOP through the years and through hard work and dedication has grown to become a successful manufacturing company distributing a wide range of high end quality products throughout the nation. Our stand-up lines includes automotive, decorative paint, industrial and marine.

Here at Atlantic Ocean Paint we know of no boundaries when it comes to customer specifications. Providing only top notch products through innovative technology and creativity we strive to keep our customer satisfied.

With our unique palette of exotic colors derived from nature and necessity our paints bring fun and warmth and inspiration and excitement into focus. A new exciting way to bring modern culture into your home, business or office, a new look with easy instruction and endless possibilities on how to bring quality and color of the world into your home.


With high quality and also affordable prices we aim to be the leading local brand of Indonesia while also promoting support for locally made products.


To give customers high satisfaction with our high quality products and innovative colors.