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Neptune Epoxy Adhesive

PT. Atlantic Ocean Paint Neptune Epoxy Adhesive

Neptune epoxy adhesive is a tough job epoxy formulation developed for maximum bonding power components resin+hardener. Neptune epoxy adhesive demonstrates excellent chemical resistance to mild acidity, caustics, detergents, gasoline, fuel oil, salt and fresh water.

Neptune epoxy adhesive is suitable for bonding substrates metal to metal, metal to plastic, metal to ceramics, as well as plastic to plastic.

Direction for use:

Using separate knives (remove amount needed from cans) mix equal parts of resin and hardener 1:1 spread on surface until uniform. Surfaces to be bonded must be free of dirt, oil or rust, etc.

  • Main Feature Products
  • Type : Epoxy resin
  • Drying Time : Approx. 4 hours
  • Mixture with Hardener : Resins:Hardener = 1 : 1
  • Pot Life : Approx. 3-4 Hours
  • Pretreatment : Surface must be cleaned from rust, mil scale, oil and grease
  • Hardener and resin packing : 175 Gr, 800 Gr

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